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  • Oil Palm certification

    What is it and why do I need It?

    • Contained in multiple consumer products from food, personal care and home care
    • Reduces environment impacts in tropical regions around the world
    • Reduces impacts and supports local employment and economic development
  • What is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)?

    A global, multi-stakeholder initiative for sustainable Oil Palm

    • An estimated 19% of Oil Palm products worldwide is RSPO certified
    • Contains eight principles and related criteria for growers to be certified
    • Contains four supply chain models that are approved by RSPO

  • What Is ISPO?

    Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO)

    • Developed to address sustainability needs of a demanding market
    • Supports reducing environmental impact of operating practices
    • Increases your international market appeal and competitive advantage

  • Popular Standards

  • Industries

    Primary Processors

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    Seafood Solutions

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    Food Retailers

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    Restaurants and Food Services

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    Food value chain

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  • Why SAI Global

    Delivering the best in quality and service globally
    • Operating in over 130 countries
    • Conduct over 100,000 audits annually
    • Offer services in over 50 different schemes
    Work with the best industry experts in market
    • Award winning food auditors
    • Average of 13 yrs industry experience
    • 98% customer satisfaction from trained delegates
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