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Supply Chain
Product Certification

Organic Inspections

Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) is a leading organic certifier and the first body approved by the Government to inspect and licence organic production and processing in the UK. OF&G’s organic inspections are carried by highly qualified SAI Global Inspectors.

OF&G has established its own Organic Assurance Scheme, and is able to inspect and certify arable and livestock farms and horticultural units, both those entering conversion and fully-converted units, as well as the following on-farm activities:
  • Food processing, abattoirs, wholesale and retail
  • Import of organic products from EU Member States and third-world countries
  • Animal feed compounding
  • Other operations involving non-organic products which are approved for use in organic Production, such as approved fertilisers and composts
  • Processing of non-food products, such as organic textiles.

  • DEFRA approved certification
  • Access to experienced certification staff for guidance through the complexities of the certification procedures and the regulations 
  • Updated standards, technical leaflets and pro forma record keeping sheet
  • A bimonthly newsletter which keeps members informed on changing certification issues within OF&G and the organic sector as a whole
  • Access to the directors of OF&G at the AGM
  • The use of the OF&G logo to identify the products as organic
  • Lists of organic suppliers
  • Lists of organic processors

Call us at: +44(0)1908 249973