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SAI Global Product Certification offers a wide range of certification schemes tailored for building products. These certification services include:

StandardsMark™ certification is offered by SAI Global for a large number of building products, for example, safety glass, windows, portable ladders, roof tiles, security screen doors, plasterboards, insulation materials and many others. The StandardsMark certification scheme can be offered for all building and related products.

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CE Program - Construction Products Directive (CPD) 89/106/EEC is offered to those selling their building products in the European Union. At this stage, SAI Global’s certification scope is limited to safety glass only, but this will be expanded to include other products in the near future.

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CodeMark certification provides building products with a compliance path in meeting the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and/or the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) for both domestic and commercial buildings. SAI Global can assist in products meeting both the BCA and NZBC requirements.

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The Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS) was developed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) and impacts on all exporters and their suppliers who use wood packaging. The AWPCS requires compliance to the ISPM 15 standard, which aims to significantly lessen the risk of unprocessed raw wood being used as a pathway for the introduction and the spread of pests and diseases through international trade. SAI Global performs two verification audits per annum to ensure compliance to ISPM 15.

Post Cutting and Marking of Safety Glass is offered to glaziers to purpose cut previously certified Laminated Safety Glass that maintains compliance with AS/NZS 2080 for land vehicles and AS/NZS 2208 for building glass. The cutting scheme is a non-test program based on an audit program to check the compliance from the manufacturer to the customer via the cutting process.

Swimming Pool Fence Type Test Scheme was developed by SAI Global for manufacturers to have their fences independently certified as complying with the performance requirements of AS 1926.1 - Swimming pool safety: Fencing for swimming pools. Some governments around Australia have enacted legislation to impose requirements for swimming pool fencing to comply with Australian Standards.

Second Party Inspections and Assessments are based on the requirements of our clients, as opposed to a specific Standard. The compliance can be to a process or to a product, against an agreed specification. The purpose of a second party inspection and assessment is to provide the customer with objective evidence of compliance to a specification, as agreed between customer and supplier.


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