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At SAI Global, we are passionate about helping businesses improve.

Businesses are being held accountable by their customers and stakeholders. Establishing trust through ethical practices, risk mitigation and transparent governance and processes helps build a sustainable business.

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As the world becomes more complex, business risks are greater than ever before. Yet, to capitalise on the tremendous growth and profit opportunities, companies must embrace and smartly manage risk. Leading organisations across the world trust SAI Global to help implement, execute, and sustain enterprise risk management strategies leveraging a comprehensive suite of products and services.

SAI Global traces its origins back to 1922 and the formation of the Australian Commonwealth Engineering Standards Association (ACESA). Legend has it, the designers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge needed standards and information for the project and this led to the creation of the Association. Later, ACESA became Standards Australia.

In 1988 Standards Australia was recognised as Australia's peak non-government standards development organisation. SAI Global Limited as we know it today came into being in 2002 when the commercial operations of Standards Australia were separated out into a new company called SAI Global. The following year the company was divested and floated on the Australian Securities Exchange. In 2016, we were acquired by Baring Asia.

Along the way we have built our business by developing expertise and extending the range of products and services we offer. Our integrated solutions can be delivered across large and small organisations, helping our customers to ultimately improve their businesses.

SAI Global's head office is located in Sydney, Australia. The company employs more than 2,000 people across 29 countries with 51 locations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

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SAI Global Head Office
Level 37, 680 George Street
Sydney NSW Australia 2000
PO Box 5420 Sydney NSW Australia 2001

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