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"Five Ticks" StandardsMark

Do you want your customers, stakeholders and employees to instantly recognize that your organization is certified?

SAI Global owns the range of certification trade marks that are based on the ‘five ticks’ brand. Only clients certified by SAI Global may have the privilege to display one of these very highly regarded marks. The recognition in the marketplace gives our certified clients a cutting edge over competitors who are not certified by SAI Global.

The ‘five ticks’ StandardsMark™ has 82% general awareness in Australia

Note: According to research carried our by UMR Pty Ltd in December 2004.

The  StandardsMark™ is a  globally recognised symbol for reliability, quality assurance, and safety

When your customers see the StandardsMark™ they know that your company has met the rigorous requirements of domestic and international quality and safety standards.
For consumers, the StandardsMark™ means that your organisation takes quality and customer satisfaction seriously.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

We encourage all certified clients to make the most of this value-adding benefit. And of course, the more the StandardsMark is used - in advertising, letterheads, promotions and media releases - the more they work for your company.

Already got the StandardsMark™?  

For SAI Global customers:


Download your "Five Tick" StandardsMark

Certified through SAI Global? then you can download the logo for display on your letterhead, business cards and marketing material.