ASIC Searches

Business and company intelligence at your fingertips.

As a registered Australian ASIC broker, SAI Global provides direct convenient web based access to:  

  • Company and business information - both current and historical.
  • A national registry of business names
  • Intelligence on key individuals (directors, shareholders, company secretaries, etc)
  • Documents registered in the ASIC database (docimages).  These include documents that result in changes of company name, type or class, change of registered office, initial appointment and changes to directors and secretaries of companies, foreign companies and registered Australian bodies, lodgement of allotment of shares, alteration to share capital and notices relating to substantial shareholdings.

Via our Search Manager platform or via our data visualisation product Encompass, users can conduct their searches and purchase the following reports and report extracts:  

  • Dynamic Company and Securities Report - current and historical)
  • Dynamic Security Report
  • Company Extract - Current
  • Company Extract - Current & Historical
  • National Business Extract Current
  • National Business Extract - Current & Historical
  • Personal Name (Director) Extract - Current
  • Personal Name (Director) Extract - Current & Historical Extract
  • Relational Company Extract (this shows relationships between organisations as well as company and shareholder details, office holders and current and previous licences held)
  • Weekly Summary Report
  • Professional Register Extract
  • Banned & Disqualified Persons Register Search
  • Banned Register Extract
  • ASIC - Document (large)
  • ASIC - Document (small)

All Search Manager customers also have access to Encompass at no additional charge, so if the matter you are working on is complicated and is going to take hours to investigate, why not use Encompass and create a visual chart of the data which will help you to quickly see the relationships between people, property and companies.    

For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or complete our contact us form and we will contact you.



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