• Encompass enables you to visualise your risk when
    conducting customer due diligence checks.

    • To conduct due diligence and more effectively manage risk, financial institutions need to have a detailed understanding of their client's financial circumstances.

      Encompass is a powerful data search and visualisation platform which enables you to access and view a combination of company, personal and property data from multiple sources, allowing you to rapidly assess the value of this publicly available information.

      Available to all SAI Global customers free of charge*.

      • Solution overview

        • Encompass enables users to conduct due diligence checks and secure a visual snapshot fast using sources such as ASIC, Land Title Offices and the PPS Register so that you can make better decisions faster.
        • The platform provides users with an easily accessible and auditable document archive that can be shared or reused.


        • Benefits for your organisation

          Reduces risks of doing business

          Encompass helps financial institutions conduct effective due diligence and manage this risk by providing an instant visual snapshot of their clients' company, personal and property data, ensuring all decision-making is based on accurate and up to date information.

          It also cuts out the need to painstakingly trawl through hundreds of pages of government extracts, perform separate searches then interpret this data and develop a summary of the results. Instead it enables you to build a summary of key information quickly, presenting the data in a visualised format for making quick, thorough assessments.

          Helps banks and financial institutions provide better advice

          Given the accuracy of its data, Encompass is also a vital customer relationship management tool. It helps you to better understand your client's circumstances and provide more effective financial advice.

          Encompass provides commercially useful information that will enable you to develop more effective financial strategies.

          Reduces costs associated with procuring commercial information

          Banks and financial institutions have a significant cost associated with the procurement of commercial information to service their customers.

          Encompass enables banks and financial institutions to gather relevant and required information from the one source and share that information amongst others in your organisation, saving you time and money through less duplication.

          Data storage archive

          Encompass provides a document archive so you can access and retain original search documents which can be reused and continue to give value throughout the life-cycle of the customer.

          This archive also provides evidence that due diligence for commercial lending decisions has been conducted , aiding the audit process and adherence to compliance obligations.

          Encompass's automatic refresh function enables banking users to easily identify changes to a client's assets, people or the acquisition of a new company.

          *Please note the standard search provider and service charges will still apply. There is no fee for accessing the visualisation platform.

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