• Encompass helps you see the full picture, fast when it
    comes to restructuring and insolvency

    • Where restructuring and insolvency matters are concerned, practitioners need to have a detailed understanding of their clients' company, personal and property assets in order to make timely assessments.

      Encompass is a powerful search and visualisation platform that helps you pull together company, personal and property data from multiple, authoritative sources, enabling you to make quick, accurate assessments by showing you the connections and relationships.

      Encompass is available to all SAI Global customers free of charge*.

      • Solution overview

        • Encompass allows you to search, review and manage commercial information from official sources such as ASIC , PPSR, AFSA, GDC, and land title registers- all from the one location.
        • It enables you to better understand the relationships and connections between people, companies, properties and assets by viewing these in a visual, easy to understand format.


        • Benefits for your organisation

          Streamline your search and get the full picture fast

          Encompass provides quick and reliable access to critical commercial data, reducing the time restructure and insolvency practitioners spend manually searching and analysing data.

          Having easy access to key information about people, companies, property and assets, helps you make better decisions faster.

          Reduces risk of doing business

          Encompass is critical to industries which conduct due diligence, risk assessment, investigation and verification activities for decision-making. Whenever you or your clients enter into a commercial arrangement, it is essential you are fully informed about the parties you are doing business with.

          Encompass ensures you reduce the risk of overlooking key information by displaying the relationships between people, companies and property in an easy to understand interactive visual format.

          Share and collaborate in the same workspace

          The Encompass workspace enables practitioners, key parties or staff working on a project to easily and cost effectively collaborate on building a picture and a story related to a person's company, personal and property information.

          Build workspaces so you can share what you have found as well as further add to the story in an archive for easy future access.

          The workspace also provides you with the option of compiling your research into a Dynamic Report.

          It is also possible to extract PPSR searches in an Excel format for easy upload and management via your own workflow.

          Keep archived information up to date

          Encompass provides users with an easily accessible and auditable document archive that can be shared or reused.

          The platform's automatic refresh function enables you to identify where information has been updated as it highlights changes such as the acquisition or sale of an asset, appointment or departure of a director or purchase or sale of a company.

          *Please note the standard search provider and service charges will still apply. There is no fee for accessing the visualisation platform.

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