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First ever register of property conveyancers and solicitors
SAI Global Property has developed a unique register of licenced conveyancers and solicitors involved in property settlements across Australia.

These include three of the Big 4 banks and over half of Australia’s smaller banks and credit bureaus.
For conveyancers the directory will remove the delays and frustrations associated with the manual settlement booking process while for financial institutions, it will reduce the risk of entering conveyancers’ details incorrectly intoSettlement Manager  resulting in settlement notifications being misdirected. In time it will also eliminate the wait times associated with chasing up missing details from solicitors.
ConveyancingDirectory will also be the “first step” towards conveyancers securing access to our online pre-settlement meeting space, Settlement Room. Here all four parties in a settlement can come together to share, validate and agree on pertinent information prior to attending settlement and to book the date, time and location of each settlement transaction online, providing everyone with real time visibility of the status of their booking.
The directory is available to both existing SAI Global Property conveyancing customers using ourConveyancing Managersoftware as well as non-customers who will be invited to join up should a financial institution or another conveyancer be unable to locate them in the directory but would like to collaborate with them inSettlement Room 
  • Access to Conveyancing Directory is limited to licenced conveyancers, solicitors and financial institutions to protect unpublished contact information - including email addresses - being available to the general public.
Why should I register on the Conveyancing Directory?  
  • SAI Global is looking to bring all the parties together to a settlement transaction so that they can all share, validate and agree to all pertinent information prior to entering the settlement room.
  • No one likes failed settlements, especially ones that could have been avoided by providing transparency.
  • SAI Global Property has launched the Settlement Room.  A place where conveyancing practitioners and financial institutions can come together and ensure that all the information aligns before turning up for settlement.  A central place where the date time and venue will be suggested and accepted for all four parties.
  • We are opening up the opportunity for the conveyancing community to nominate how they wish to be invited to access the information for a conveyancing transaction that they are involved in. This information will be used to access the Settlement Room and receive invitations from SAI Global Property's banking customer base.   
  • Currently your communication points are determined by the information on the contract of sale -  now this will be determined by how you nominate to receive your invitation and access – e.g. you choose the email address where notifications are to be sent for your office.  
  • In order to complete this process, the first step is to register to be a part of the directory 

To be integrated into SAI Global Property’s platforms (including
Conveyancing Manager, Settlement ManagerandSettlement Room), Conveyancing Directory will provide conveyancers with a convenient single location for updating their contact details for access by financial institutions SAI Global Property represents at settlement.

When you opt in for the Conveyancing Directory – you are taking the first step towards electronic settlements.

To update your registration details call our friendly Conveyancing Directory team on 1300 730 000 and select option 2 or email the new details

Our Conveyancing Suite and a property transaction cycle

For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or complete our contact us form and we will contact you.


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