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Property Certificate Search and Purchase

SAI Global Property provides conveyancers, solicitors and other professionals with easy online access to all the essential property certificates required for the sale, purchase and development of land.
These include certificates from Federal, State and Local Government departments, water authorities, owners’ corporations, strata managers and other agencies such as RP Data and Telco Searches Pty Ltd.
Customers can conduct their searches and order and purchase their certificates via our information broking platform, Search Manager, making for a seamless online experience.
Victorian property certificates: 
  • Council Land Information Certificate
  • Land Tax Certificate
  • Water Information Certificate
  • Building 326 (1) Permits, Certificates, Notices, etc
  • Building 326 (2) Termite, Flood Snowfalls, etc
  • EPA Certificate
  • Owners Corporation Certificate
  • Copy of Planning Text Zone, Overlay or Proposed Amendment
  • Heritage Victoria Certificate
  • National Trust Certificate
  • Australian Heritage Council Certificate
  • Water Authority Property Services Plan
  • Special Water Meter Read
  • Combined Rural Water Information and Meter Reading
  • City West or Yarra Valley Water Parks Charge Certificate
  • Mines Subsidence Hazard Search
  • Catchment and Land Protection (Section 90) Certificates
  • Agricultural Licenses Certificate
  • Building Certificate (3) Inspection Approval Dates
  • Yarra Ranges Shire Landslip Certificate
  • Yarra Ranges Shire Flood Certificate
  • Sewer and Water Asset Plan
  • Sewer Depth and Offset Plan
  • Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge
  • Telco Cable Search
  • Melbourne Water Flood Level or CMA Rural Floodplain Certificate
NSW property certificates: 
  • Planning Certificate Section 149
  • Sewer Service Diagram
  • Council Rates Sec 603 Certificate
  • Council Outstanding notices Sec 735A & 121ZP or Sec 608
  • OSR Land Tax Sec 47 Certificate
  • Jemena Gas Networks Certificate
  • Dept of Education and Training Certificate
  • RTA Roads
  • SRA Rail Corporation Certificate
  • Energy Certificate
  • East Australian Pipeline Authority Certificate
  • Dept of Defence Ordnance Contamination UXO Certificate
  • Sewer Mains Location Reference Sheet
  • Special Water Meter Reading
  • Sec 88G Positive Covenant Certificate
  • Build Over Sewer Letter
  • NSW Heritage Register Certificate
  • National Trust Certificate
  • Australian Heritage Commissions Certificate
  • OSR Valuation Certificate
  • OSR Land Tax or Valuation Certificate – Reprint or Re-issue
  • Noxious Weeds Certificate
  • Livestock Health and Pest Authority A – Rates and Charges
  • Livestock Health and Pest Authority B – Stock Diseases
  • Mineral Resources Certificate
  • Forests NSW Certificate
  • Primary Industries & Energy – Pipeline Certificate
  • Primary Industries & Energy – Water Licences Enquiry
  • Native Title Tribunal Search
  • National Parks and Wildlife Aboriginal Sites Search
  • National Parks and Wildlife – Interest Search
  • Air Services Australia Search
  • Telco Cable Search
  • Council Septic Tank Inspections
  • Council Dwelling Entitlement Search
  • Council Contaminated Land Enquiry
  • Council Flood Certificate
  • Council Widening Certificate
Queensland property certificates: 
  • Property Rate Search
  • Special Water Meter Reading
  • Town Planning & Development Certificate
  • Building/ Plumbing Search
  • Sewerage / Drainage Plan
  • OSR Land Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Main Roads Search
  • Transport Property Search
  • Powerlink Property Search
  • Energy Search
  • EPA – Contaminated Land Search
  • Australian Heritage Commission Certificate
  • Native Title Tribunal Search
  • EPA – Heritage Certificate
  • EPA – Coastal Search
  • QLD Fire and Rescue – Property Search
  • Telstra Location Search
  • BSA Insurance Search
  • Dept of Education – Property Search
  • Workplace Health and Safety – Workplace and Plant Search
  • Dept of Mines & Energy – Property Search
  • Dept of Mines & Energy – Undermining Search
  • Dept of Mines & Energy – Mining Register Search
  • Dept of Mines & Energy – petroleum register Search
  • Dept of Mines & Energy – Geothermal Register Search
  • Dept of Mines & Energy – Greenhouse Gas Storage Register Search
  • Gold Coast City Council – Canals & Waterway Setbacks Search
  • Gold Coast City Council – Foreshore Seawall (Boulder Wall) Search
  • Telco Cable Search
  • Trade Water Search
  • Stormwater Search
  • Council Flood Certificate

Delivery of property certificates across Australia can vary. At the time of purchase, our Search Manager pre-purchase screen will indicate the anticipated turnaround time for your chosen certificate.
Titles and related products (e.g. Look up searches, dealings etc.) are available instantly for NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS and NT.
Information and certificates are provided in PDF format and can be delivered via the website, email, fax and mail/DX.
For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or complete our contact us form and we will contact you.

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