South Australia Authority Updates

Main monthly authority updates from across South Australia.

  • Amendments to Real Property Act 1886

    The Simplify Bill has now passed both houses of Parliament and was assented to by His Excellency the Governor on 3 October 2019

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  • Changes to the Document Collection Facilities

    As of Friday 4 October 2019, Land Services SA will no longer be delivering requisitioned dealings and plans to the LTO Delivery Boxes situated in the Document Collection Room in the Atrium at 101 Gren

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  • National Mortgage Form and Certification Requirements for Self-Represented Lessees

    The Registrar-General has received requests from financial institutions to remove witnessing provisions from the approved National Mortgage Form in order to enable more efficient execution of mortgage

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  • Settlement / Training Rooms at Level 3, 101 Grenfell Street Adelaide

    We have been advised that, due to the current building works being undertaken, on Level 3 at 101 Grenfell Street Adelaide and the risk to safety this creates, the overflow settlements room will be rel

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  • Subcontracting of Surveying Services

    The Survey Act 1992 allows for development consultants or “surveying service providers” (a person not being a licensed surveyor) to provide the cadastral surveying component of a land division through

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  • Release of updated Approved Land Registry forms and IGA Review Draft Final Report

    Notice to Lodging Parties #217 issued on 14 June 2019, notified that changes to approved Land Registry forms would be occurring.

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  • Mandatory information regarding Commonwealth Reporting

    Based on law introduced with effect from 1 July 2019, mandatory vendor data is required to be provided before a reportable document conveying land can be:

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  • SAILIS and PEXA release key changes

    Property Exchange Australia Ltd. (PEXA) System Release 10.1.0 is scheduled for 3 August 2019. The key changes as a result of the update are provided below.

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  • Priority Notices Consultation and Survey

    Priority Notices were introduced on 27 April 2015 as an industry tool to provide an additional protection mechanism upon the removal of duplicate certificates of title.

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  • SAILIS Password Administration Update

    Land Services SA (LSSA) has enhanced the SAILIS account portal to allow users the ability to unlock their own account, rather than requiring the Account Administrator to reactivate.

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  • Changes to Approved Forms, National Mortgage Form and Release of Verification of Identity Requirements Version 5

    The changes to the approved forms are targeted to be implemented in August 2019. As previously advised a transition period of three months will apply to allow for inflight transactions.

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  • Bills of Sale over Water Licences

    Notice to Lodging Parties No 202 advised that the date for which Bills of Sale over Water Licences could be registered & dealt with under the Bills of Sale Act 1886 had been extended until 28 June 19

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  • Ability for Electronically Lodge Transfer of Interest and Part Tenancy Transfer

    Property Exchange Australia Ltd. (PEXA) System Release 10.0 went live on the 11th May 2019 and will include the capability to lodge electronically a Transfer of Interest and part tenancy Transfers

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  • SA Property Landscape Report

    Land Services SA have launched a new SA Property Landscape Report, which is among the most comprehensive compilation and analysis of data released on the SA residential &commercial property markets.

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  • IGA Review Issues Paper, MOR MPR effective date and guidance notes and Advisory Group

    As referred to in Customer Information Bulletins (CIB) 324 and 325, the Inter-Government Agreement (IGA) is in the process of review.

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  • Updates to South Australian Operating Requirements and Participation Rules

    The Australian Registrars' National Electronic Conveyancing Council's (ARNECC) have published Version 5 of the Model Operating Requirements (MOR) and Model Participation Rules (MPR).

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  • Land Services SA brand launch

    Land Services SA launched their new brand and website on Monday 18 February 2019.

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  • Automated Electronic Registration of Transfers, Caveats and Withdrawal of Caveats

    Land Services SA is continuing its phased implementation of automated electronic registration of instruments lodged through Electronic Lodgement Network Operators.

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