SAI Global Authority Updates for Tasmania

Main monthly authority updates from across Tasmania

  • Increase in the number of telephone enquiries for registration progress updates

    Following the commencement of the New Year there has been a significant increase in the number of incoming telephone enquiries directed to the Tasmanian Land Titles Office

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    Solicitors for an applicant are no longer required to request notices and forms from the Land Titles Office. This makes the application process more efficient.

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  • Clarification on Change of Ownership Form

    The new Change of Ownership form has two distinct sections and purposes.

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  • Survey Examination and Requisition

    Commencing from 30 September 2019, following consultation with the Surveyor General, revised policies and procedures will be implemented by the Plan Services Section of the Land Titles Office in regar

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  • Change to Notice of Sale Form

    Changes to State Revenue Office (SRO) systems and legislation, together with the implementation of the new Valuation System means that the Land Titles Office (LTO) is no longer collecting some of the

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  • LTO Update - Dating of Dealings/Documents

    Land Tasmania have advised there has been an increase in the number of lodgements where the date of execution has not been completed on the dealings/documents lodged.

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  • TOLD Feedback Requested

    The Tasmanian Land Titles Office is working on making the Blank Instrument form available via TOLD and resolving an issue around multiple execution clause formatting.

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  • Changes to Lodgement of National Mortgage Form and full Discharge of Mortgage

    Lands Tasmania has recently published an office circular address two issues for clarification purposes.

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