• Make quick, accurate business decisions using a highly
    effective data search and visualisation solution

    • Encompass is a powerful data search and visualisation platform which combines company, personal and property data from multiple sources, enabling you to rapidly leverage the value of publicly available information.

      Search, review and manage commercial information from official sources such as ASIC, PPSR, AFSA, GDC and various land title registers and secure an easy to understand visual snapshot.



      • Solution overview

        • An interactive platform that assists you to better understand the relationships across ASIC, PPSR, AFSA, Land Titles, Property Valuation data, and other sources by seeing the people, companies, addresses and the connections between these in a visual, easy to understand format.
        • Especially relevant to industries which conduct due diligence, risk assessment, investigation and verification activities for decision-making. These include legal, banking and finance, professional services (accounting, insolvency, consulting), government, media and commercial real estate.


        • Benefits for your organisation

          Reduces the risk of doing business

          Encompass presents connections between people, companies, addresses and assets as an interactive picture, enabling users to view important information as well as potential risks, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

          Having a detailed picture and in-depth understanding of all parties involved in a business transaction reduces the likelihood of error and provides greater peace of mind and long-term business sustainability.

          Helps businesses make commercial decisions faster

          Encompass helps reduce the time it takes to order, interpret, analyse and communicate key information to support a variety of business processes.

          Having access to a highly streamlined process also provides for a 'one-stop-shop' for property and company searches, reducing the time it takes to conduct searches and the pressure and frustration associated with doing these searches.

          Helps businesses manage their costs of doing research

          Rather than having to pay for each search from multiple information providers, Encompass enables businesses to gather all relevant and required information from the one source. It is also possible to share information with your colleagues, easily and without incurring additional costs.

          Encompass is available at no additional cost - you only pay for what you buy. There are no subscription costs.

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