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Telco Cable Search

Hidden underground communication cables can cause problems and could devalue property. How so?

Firstly, with approximately 1 in 10 properties at  risk, there is a real possibility of damaging these cables and this can cost property owners many thousands of dollars in unexpected damage repairs and fines! Most people do not budget for fixing problems of this magnitude and the subsequent financial problems that could arise.
Secondly, in some circumstances underground communication network cables found inside the property boundary can limit where the owner plans to build or conduct earthworks. Is the property still worth its asking price if you cannot put a house on it or make suitable renovations?
Failure to conduct a search could result in a property that cannot be used as intended or with a property owner facing a very costly damage bill as a result of damaged cables.
As the only comprehensive Telco Cable Search in Australia searches are conducted of all known communication carriers for cables within your search area. This search is available  right across Australia so you can protect your property no matter where you are in Australia.
There are several benefits of undertaking the Telco Cable Search. The search will provide property owners with peace of mind. This jargon-free  report is supplied within 3-5 days and will uncover any likely issues or problems arising from cabling found within the property. Protect your client's interests and assist them in making an informed decision on the useability  and the value of property prior to them purchasing.

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