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Telco Cable Search

According to Telco Searches, Australia’s only provider of the comprehensive Telco Cable Search, about one in 10 properties are at risk of underground network cables passing through them or of non-standard cable installations.
For those whose property straddles a cable, theymay be prohibited from building additional structures, landscaping or conducting earthworks because of carrier maintenance requirements or because of the risk of damaging cables.
Also if cables are damaged during works undertaken, the carrier would seek damage costs in the form of fines, material repair costs and labour costs. Additionally if there are businesses in the area that rely on the service, they could sue the carrier for loss of business and the carrier could then on-sue the property owner for costs.
Sub-standard or non-standard communication network installations include the following: 
  • The property connection cable entering the property via a neighbouring property instead of directly from the road or conversely a neighbour’s connection cable entering the property instead of directly from the road.
  • An underground communications network running across the property to save costs instead of running through a road reserve.
  • A buried solid network. Instead of being in a conduit, the cable network is buried in the ground. A communications network has a recommended depth of 600mm below the surface of the ground however this is rarely adhered to. Without protective cover these cables can become brittle and are easily damaged, particularly if the network is optic fibre which is very costly to repair.
A Telco Cable Search will determine the presence of an underground network cable as well as non-standard cable installations.
Determined to safeguard both the property owner and conveyancers and solicitors representing them, SAI Global Property, has broadened access to Telco Cable Search by making it available via our online information broking platform, Search Manager.
The Telco Cable Search will search all known carriers such as Telstra, Optus, UEComm, AAPT and PowerTel and a host of other providers, identifying both the presence of underground network cables and problems with these networks.
Telco Cable Search results will be delivered via email within 3–7 business days.
To conduct a search via Search Manager, conveyancers and solicitors will need to provide as much information as possible about the property to ensure that all background checks are conducted thoroughly and to ensure expedient delivery of results. Information required includes: 
  • Unit/street number, street name, suburb, state, postcode of the search site
  • Lot/plan
  • Date of settlement
  • User contact details including: name, address, phone and email
Note: Power cables will not appear in the search result and an independent search will be required.
We recommend visiting Telco Cable Searches web site to view a case study:
For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or complete our contact us form and we will contact you.

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