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Electronic Notice of Disposition

SAI Global Property conveyancer and solicitor customers in Victoria can now complete a Notice of Disposition (NOD) electronically for properties inside the Yarra Valley Water boundaries via our Search Manager platform.
Completing a notice of disposition online means that change of ownership details will be transmitted to Yarra Valley Water within minutes, cutting out the need to mail in forms.
SAI Global customers can also request a Rates Settlement Statement via Search Manager.
A remittance advice will be attached to both the Water Information Statement and the Rates Settlement Statement to accompany the cheque for settlement payment. Please return this remittance with the cheque to: Yarra Valley Water, GPO Box 2753 Melbourne VIC 3001.
For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or complete our contact us form and we will contact you.

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