New search report addresses lawyers single greatest fear

October 2, 2015

In an industry where accuracy is everything and risk aversion, the name of the game, the key dread of lawyers across all disciplines is the 'fear of missing out' on critical information that could result in the provision of inaccurate information or the wrong instructions - forever tarnishing reputations and leaving a practitioners integrity in tatters.

The launch of SAI Global's Dynamic Company and Securities Report is set to help mitigate this problem by gathering company and securities' data from multiple sources and pulling it together into a concise upfront summary report, prioritising critical information and flagging issues that may require further research. 
Says SAI Global General Manager Product and Marketing, Benjamin Balk: “Rather than painstakingly trawling through multiple government extracts and reports, performing separate ASIC, PPSR and other searches, then conducting detailed and drawn-out analyses of this data, practitioners and users can now access this information instantly.

“They can quickly confirmand rapidly understand areas of potential risk, ensuring nothing has been overlooked - not even difficult to retrieve extracts tucked away in PDFs.
“Better still, they can quickly understand the connections between people and companies, transforming their ability to see the bigger picture and enabling quicker decision making.”

The Dynamic Company and Securities Report latest addition to SAI Global's rapidly expanding stable of commercial information search and review solutions. It has been integrated into the company's commercial information broking platform, Search Manager* and its sibling search visualisation platform Encompass*,

 The new report is also indicative of how the company continues to remain ahead of the curve on the product development front.

Late last year we acquired the exclusive, perpetual rights in Australia to the innovative visualisation software, Encompass, which had many of our competitors scurrying back to the drawing board looking to develop ‘me-too’ visualisation offerings. Now we have significantly upped the ante, providing users with an offering that more than halves the time spent on traditional search and review. For an industry that suffers under the yoke of high workloads, the report has the potential to significantly improve the turnaround time on these tasks. Instead of the three hours allocated to doing this work, it can now be done in one, dramatically increasing the capacity for legal practitioners to take on additional and potentially more valuable work in what is a challenging economic environment.

Benjamin Balk

The Dynamic Company and Securities Report is another example of how SAI Global is using technological innovation to solve the day to day problems of legal practitioners, coming up with solutions that add value and build trust in an increasingly complex world.


In addition, they no longer have to constantly check and recheck information, fearful that something has been overlooked or that information has been inaccurately interpreted. All the necessary safeguards are now in place.

Benjamin Balk

DynamicReport has also provided legal practitioners with a workflow solution that better mirrors the logic of their matters.

The report includes an embedded hyperlink to the Encompass platform, enabling Search Manager users to secure a visual interpretation of their search data. It also allows for the automatic creation of a 'workspace' for viewing and storing original registry documents - even spreadsheets of PPSR results - effectively solving the long-standing problem for the legal fraternity: how to hold on to historical search material typically discarded after initial use.

Users can be confident their search history will be preserved in the one place, reducing the opportunity for vital information to be lost and significantly mitigating unnecessary risk.
Mr Balk says the new report has significantly 'raised the bar' for commercial search and analysis in Australia, putting SAI Global at the forefront of search and development in this space.


Using a smart phone analogy, just as mobile phone users no longer want phones without apps, legal practitioners will no longer be prepared to settle for less …. they will want their search information delivered instantly and in a format that best suits their requirements and the nature of their matters. We’ve created the ‘new normal’ and raised expectations sky-high. There’s no turning back now!

Benjamin Balk

For more media information contact:
Benjamin Balk on 0401 672 313
Wendy Parker on 0422 694 503

*More about Search Manager.......As an approved ASIC, PPSR, AFSA and Land Registry information broking platform, it provides users with access to bankruptcy checks, company and business intelligence, information on key individuals and titles as well as PPSR searches and registration capabilities.

*More about Encompass …….. It stores searches and reports as interactive and shareable corporate trees showing relationships across data supplied by ASIC, Land Registries and the PPS Register. This enables users to rapidly understand how people, companies and property are connected..