Even More 2018 Wiring Rules Changes With Committee Chairman

By Gary Busbridge, June 25, 2018

Gary Busbridge, Chairman of the EL001 Wiring Rules standards committee provides a closer look at the major changes in the new Wiring Rules out now.


With stoves and cooktops, there is much confusion as to where the cooker switch and various socket-outlets and switches can be mounted. To this end, we have created a prohibited zone around and upwards of 150mm from each side of the cooktop to the ceiling or range-hood, whichever comes first or if there is nothing above, to a height of 2.5 metres. A new figure has been added to explain this in more detail.

Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs)

Technical details as to a new technology called arc fault detection (failure of insulation on cord extension sets and leads which could lead to arcing and subsequent fire) using an Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) has been added in the appendices. Whilst this is a recommendation, any person looking at design and construct should consider installation of these devices where required.


There are important changes to requirements for switchboards. Exit and egress facilities have been considered carefully by the committee, as there have been quite a few deaths and injuries of recent times due to arc flash at switchboards. The space around switchboards, including entry and exit door sizes, the distance between open doors or racked-out equipment and distances from accessible faces to walls, has now been increased to enable easier exit in case of emergency.


Lifts have always been seen as a Safety Service in the Wiring Rules and this is still a requirement for fire-rated switch-rooms and busways. There are many lifts that have been added to residential applications where the owner wants a means of conveyancing from one floor to another. We have added these “Normal” lifts to Section 4 for Electrical Equipment.

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* Gary Michael Busbridge has been with Clipsal for over 40 years, after graduating from the University of South Australia in 1973. Predominantly, his responsibility was Design Manager for all Australian Electrical Accessories, including aspects of Data and C-Bus, Export and Industrial design, development, product maintenance and prototyping. Inevitably, this led to involvement with the Standards Association of Australia and membership of committees and working groups from 1998.

His new role of Standardisation Manager is to ensure Global and Regional Standards are aligned to the electrical contracting business and electrical accessories manufacture. This also includes relevant IEC standards and applications. In November 2011 he was made Chairman of the EL001 Wiring Rules standards committee.