Engaged Learning - Delivering compliance in practice

June 22, 2017

Every organisation strives for a measurable, effective, scalable and defensive ethics and compliance training programme.

At SAI Global we understand that while each ethics and compliance training programme will have common goals, one size does not fit all.

Each organisation's needs will differ and vary over time. For this reason, SAI Global's ethics and compliance training offerings provide you with a choice of delivery method to suit your organisation's needs and priorities.

A successful campaign will embed a culture of compliance throughout your business, by offering a continuous feed of relevant and engaging messages and training objectives that will give employees the tools and knowledge to successfully tackle ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

We are very delighted to share with you SAI Global's new Campaign-based approach to ethics & compliance training video.

This video has been designed to give you taste of how we can help you blend education, communication and engagement tools to enable maximum learner information retention and improve application to real-life employee attitudes and behaviours.




Download our 'Value of a campaign-based ethics and learning training' info sheet. This great take-away will tell you; why it's a valued method and how you can add value with this approach for your ethics & compliance programme.