Ingram Micro - Blending Ethics Initiatives Worldwide

Implementing a global, enterprise-wide training programme can be overwhelming for a multinational company that desires to build a culture of compliance and trust. Discover how Ingram Micro Inc. collaborated with SAI Global to integrate an effective solution as part of their overall strategy to raise awareness of important workplace issues.


Ingram Micro Inc., the world's largest technology distributor and rated among FORTUNE magazine's top 100 companies, took an aggressive step toward building upon their strong ethical culture among their diverse workforce. As part of their overall strategy to continually raise awareness of employment and workplace issues, Ingram Micro sought to implement a solution that would complement existing initiatives. Leading the programme objectives was an overall sensitivity to global issues followed by cost effectiveness. With staff in multiple countries speaking many languages, executives knew that user acceptance was one of the greatest challenges they faced.

Ingram Micro partnered with SAI Global to deliver engaging video content to capture user interest and create awareness and understanding of the company's code of conduct. Following an initial training needs analysis consultation, SAI Global proposed a program that would bridge the gap between the company's policies and their practical application on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, the courses selected were sensitive to multicultural needs providing opportunities to expand into European countries.

The Key - Effective Project Management

Ingram Micro planned to roll out the course to staff across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Because of the demanding roll-out timetables, detailed project planning and rigorous management were essential to ensure timely input from all parties and efficient development. SAI Global provided an organized, structured approach by developing a detailed project plan which, following agreement with Ingram Micro, formed the basis for management of the project.

Regular communication between Ingram Micro's Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Rob Lindquist, and the SAI Global Consulting Services Team helped to ensure that the project remained on target and complex project management aspects were being properly integrated. Lists highlighting outstanding items were circulated weekly to keep the project on track and focused on the program goals and objectives as defined by Ingram Micro. In addition, SAI Global's Regional Account Executive monitored the status throughout the entire implementation process, ensuring the client received high quality customer care - a key differentiator of any SAI Global engagement.

The content of the training courses required adaptation to individual jurisdictions. SAI Global's team worked with Ingram Micro representatives around the globe to fit the course to the needs of each local audience. Following the launch schedule set by Ingram Micro, SAI Global translated two courses into eleven languages and carried out a thorough quality assurance process to ensure key messages were being accurately portrayed. In addition, SAI Global shared best practices to help Ingram Micro executives define the project plan and manage the complex global effort.

The Outcome

Ingram Micro received universal acceptance by users in its global operations and notes significant course completion rates exceeding 90% for all courses. The SAI Global solutions meshed well with the workforce and promoted ethical conduct throughout the organization, causing significant growth in understanding and awareness of the subject after the training. The company's employees have a better understanding of the company's expectations and recognize how ethical behaviour guides their decisions and actions.

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SAI Global’s guidance has proved to be right on in gaining international acceptance of the program. They are willing to share their best practices and really take care of their clients… high quality customer care and first rate project management. SAI Global takes care of your needs from Day 1 after signing the contract, making sure that all your compliance needs are taken care of. SAI Global offered more than interactive content that fit our needs. They also provided an organized, structured approach to implementation offering the biggest value for our dollar.

Rob Lindquist

Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

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