Preventing Modern Slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 targets offences related to slavery and human trafficking. As such, provisions in the Act make transparency in supply chains a requirement for any commercial organisation supplying goods or services in the United Kingdom, if that organisation has annual global revenue of at least £36 million.


SAI Global's Comprehensive Learning Programme

SAI Global has produced a suite of modules to help instil awareness of the related human rights issues that can arise within your industry, and even within your own supply chain: 

  • E-learning course: Preventing Modern Slavery in Our Supply Chain
  • Modern Slavery Barometer: Working in the Supply Chain
  • Whiteboard Ethical Moments - Supporting Human Rights: Modern Slavery Act 

Each stage of the learning programme adds value to the process, whether employees are best served by a primer on the introductory aspects of the subject or a quick refresher about prior training.

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Compliance 360® - Managing the Supply Chain Process

SAI Global's market leading Compliance 360® helps organisations create, categorise, and manage the complete life cycle of policies and procedures. With modules dedicated to Policy Management, Incident Management and Third Party Risk Management, the platform is an invaluable aid in ensuring the supply chain remains compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, enabling: 

  • Oversight to keep policies current
  • Central visibility and control
  • Integrated incident information using hotline options
  • Proof of compliance for audits
  • Identification of compliance gaps


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Auditing to Prevent Issues around Migrant Labour and Forced Labour

For businesses that need to deal with the potential issues around migrant labour and forced labour  the best form of due diligence is to show that they are engaged in a social audit programme using a commonly accepted approach, such as SMETA.

SAI Global, in partnership with Verisio, has been delivering SMETA audits in the UK and Europe for many years, offering a full range of auditing services and tools designed to cover all aspects of your business. At SAI Global Assurance Services, we strive to provide customers with:  

  • The best possible audit experience
  • A means for managing risk and achieving compliance
  • A basis for driving overall business improvement within their organisation



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Preventing Modern Slavery 

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Whitepaper: Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain: Identifying and Safeguarding the Major Risk Areas.

Read more about how human trafficking and modern slavery present a major challenge for organisations, and what companies can do to minimise their level of risk in this area. 


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