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Employment and Workplace Issues Training

Managing the risks and responses to sexual harassment, speaking up and whistleblowing, discrimination, unconscious bias, bullying, mental health and stress, and life safety is now shared by HR and ethics and compliance (E&C) teams. These topics have always been important, but recent current events like the #MeToo movement, have led higher expectations for the conduct of managers and senior leaders.

At SAI Global, we’ve launched over 560 learning experiences and unique, customizable types of online training on this topic since 2017. In 2020, these employment and workplace issues rank as the 4th most pressing concern for organizations and 2nd highest training priority among our community. We can help your workforce comply with regional harassment training expectations and other regulatory requirements, but more importantly, we can help you build a culture where people respect each other, act with integrity, and aren’t afraid to report misconduct.

Here are five customizable online experiences at the heart of some of the world’s most effective Ethics and Compliance (E&C) programs that you can try out right now.

respect in the workplace

CORE TRAINING: Sexual Harassment: A Matter of Respect

This experience is used by over 100 global E&C programs to deliver employee- and manager-specific training based on their geographic location.

Unconscious Biases and Sexual Harassment Training

SUPPORT: Unconscious Biases and How They Affect Sexual Harassment

This short new online learning experience is designed to help employees recognize how decision can be influenced by unconscious biases.

Stress & Mental Health Online Learning Experience

SUPPORT: Mental Health: We’re All In This Together

A short new online learning experience about recognizing and managing stress, identifying warning signs, and mindfulness.

Covid-19 Safety Online Training

SUPPORT: Keeping Each Other Safe As We Work Together

Focused on COVID-19 health and safety best practices for reopened offices and remote workers, this short video and online certification can be put to use right away.

Anti Sexual Harassment Leadership Training

LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Sexual Harassment: Leading a Respectful Workplace

This comprehensive, US state-specific online training has coached managers and supervisors in 56 organizations.

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