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Ethics & Compliance Learning

We understand ethical dilemmas, constant regulatory changes and overwhelming pressures make it imperative to build and sustain an effective ethics and compliance program. We’re devoted to supporting you in those efforts and addressing the risks associated with these challenges.

We build the content, training, codes of conduct, and technology at the heart of compliance programs, drawing on a modern collection of compelling, customizable, measurable, purpose-built and legally accurate learning experiences that empower people to make smarter decisions when presented with scenarios they’ll experience at work.

Building Your Program

Our approach considers the expectations of your stakeholders, regulators, and employees.

Explore Risk Areas

Build your data privacy and protection compliance program

  • Our Collection: Translated Learning Experiences on Privacy Risks, Protecting Personal Information, Access Rights, Information Security, Safeguarding Data, and more
  • What’s New: Interactive GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, and LGPD Infographic
  • Your Building Block: Profiled and Customizable Global Data Protection Training

Build your harassment and misconduct compliance program

  • Our Collection: Translated Learning Experiences on Bias, Bullying, Diversity, Discrimination, Human Rights, Inclusion, Reporting, Respect, Retaliation, and more
  • What’s New: Unconscious Biases: How They Affect Sexual Harassment training
  • Your Building Block: Sexual Harassment: A Matter of Respect Training with State and Role-Based Personalization

Build your anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance program

  • Our Collection: Translated Learning Experiences on ABAC Risks, Third Parties, Public and Government Officials, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Sapin II, and more
  • What’s New: Blindspot: Anti-Corruption Gamified Mobile Trivia
  • Your Building Block: Preventing Bribery and Corruption Training with Configurable Segments

Build your conflicts of interest compliance program

  • Our Collection: Translated Learning Experiences on COI, Competition, Gifts, Hospitality, Hiring Family, and more
  • What’s New: Ethical Tip: Giving and Receiving Gifts Video
  • Your Building Block: Conflicts of Interest Training with Configurable Segment

Build your export controls and trade compliance program

  • Our Collection: Translated Learning Experiences on Boycotts, Embargoes, Exports, Imports, ITAR, OFAC, and more
  • What’s New: U.S. Anti-Boycott Regulations in a Global Market Training and Video
  • Your Building Block: Global Trade Compliance Training with Configurable Segments

Customize Your Compliance Program

SAI Global’s flexible customization options help you tailor risk-based ethics and compliance learning content and Code of Conduct training content to meet your specific goals.

Code of Conduct 

An effective Code of Conduct must go beyond simple written rules. Our personalized solutions are designed to change behavior and engage and inspire employees to live your company values on a daily basis.



A Personal Commitment to Your Success

A note from Rebecca Turco, SVP, Learning Solutions

Working with SAI Global is more than just buying training content.

We are experienced, passionate professionals who build effective ethics and compliance programs designed to meet your business needs. We have decades of experience, giving us the stability and perspective you want in a long-term partner. But we’re young at heart and agile in spirit, bringing the excitement of working on something new and fresh to every program.

My team is comprised of former compliance officers, lifelong learning and development professionals, CCEP-accredited client success experts, creatives, learning designers, writers, and the best and brightest people in this industry. Hundreds of us log in from our home base in Boston and remote locations and offices around the world. That flexibility and size have its advantages. As we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain as efficient and focused on your goals as ever, because making your E&C program better is built into our business model.

When you work with us, we don’t disappear when the ink dries on your contract. When you need help deciding what training to use, strategizing your program launch, planning for next year, creating a campaign, measuring what works and what needs refinement, or preparing a presentation for your bosses, we’re here to help you with all of it. We’re in it for the long run as an extension of your team and program.

Our success depends on your success, and everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. We listen, we learn, and we lean in to get things done.

About Our Technology

Learn how we’re innovating the ways you can host, deliver, personalize, and measure the training and experiences in your ethics and compliance program to make them more valuable for your learners and more aligned with the way things operate in your organization.


Learning Content & Training

All of our training and learning content is built with responsive design, so they’ll work great on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Our modern, diverse approach to training content let's you include immersive simulations, gamification and shorter “micro-learning” offerings.

Profiling and Adaptive Learning

We build profiling, branching, and test-out into our content to ensure each individual in your organization receives the right training based on their location, role, responsibilities, and prior experiences.

Adaptive learning best practices allow us to take a learner down a specific path based on how they respond and react to certain situations.

Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Our goal is to build learning experiences that can be consumed by people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability.

Our training and learning content is compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA level accessibility standards, an internationally relevant rubric. We also satisfy US American Disabilities Act (ADA) 508 compliance.

Program Delivery and Measurement

The SAI Global Learning Management System (LMS) is multi-lingual with powerful real-time analytics, branding and customization, assignment and data management and an intuitive user interface.

It also features robust email capabilities to drive engagement and participation. It can host any E&C training you use, whether purchased from a vendor or built in-house.

Hosting Capabilities

SAI Global’s training is LMS agnostic, meaning you can use a third-party or in-house LMS instead of our own to deliver our learning content to your audience. We support multiple publishing models, including SCORM, xAPI, and more, to remove any barriers to your program’s success.

Connect Training to Policies

The SAI360 Integrated Risk Management cloud-based platform works hand-in-hand with our ethics and compliance training and learning content, enabling you to connect training to policies, automate processes between risk and compliance, conduct better risk assessments, and create a real-time view of compliance risk without silos.

Ethics & Compliance COVID-19 Learning Resources

Complimentary training, videos and content to help your culture and stay risk-ready.


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What's New

Our team creates more than 70 new resources every year. Refresh your program and overcome learner fatigue with our latest multi-risk and values-based ethics and compliance learning content.

Released August
Customizer Technology for E&C Teams

Best For:

SAI Global clients that customize training and learning content

Released August
Customizer Technology for E&C Teams
To give ethics and compliance programs more control and flexibility over customizations, we built a new self-service, web-based tool that enables you to easily edit your training and learning content. Customizer is innovative and easy to use, letting you edit text, add attestations and policies, apply your logo, change colors, hide pages, and preview changes in real-time. Learn more in our Newsroom.
Released July
“Breaking the 4th Wall” While Working Remotely Video

Best For:

Organizations with remote employees

Released July
“Breaking the 4th Wall” While Working Remotely Video
COVID-19 has led to many organizations embracing remote work, and in doing so, a surge in video-based meetings with colleagues and business partners. These meetings come with their own sets of risks and red flags, from potential compliance violations to ethical and cultural missteps that can damage relationships and go against your Code of Conduct. In this two-minute video, we explore the standards and behaviors expected in virtual meetings.
Released June
Flexible and Customizable Global Trade Compliance Training

Best For:

Employees and managers in all industries, especially those working with international clients and partners

Released June
Flexible and Customizable Global Trade Compliance Training
Featuring profiled adaptive learning experiences for 6 industries, this 7-segment mix-and-match online training covers import and export control basics and scenarios, customs controls, U.S. anti-boycott regulations, international sanctions and regulations, and due diligence responsibilities. Deliver it all at once, create a long-term trade compliance training campaign, or just use the one you need for your organization.
Released May
COVID-19 Return to Work Training and Video

Best For:

Employees and managers in all industries

Released May
COVID-19 Return to Work Training and Video
Planning to reopen your office or workplace? This short training experience features a video discussing health and safety best practices around COVID-19, a customizable intro and outro page, the ability to link to internal policies and resources, and a certificate and attestation of completion. We're also capable of building a completely customized E&C training on this topic aligned to your organization's goals. Find out more here.

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