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Foster an engaging safety-first culture to keep employees and contractors safe.

Digitize safety compliance

  • Promote better near miss, hazard, and incident reporting with a user-friendly mobile app
  • Report, track, and investigate health & safety incidents, create and assign actions
  • Effortlessly generate regulatory reporting for OHSA, RIDDOR and more
  • Efficiently track and manage injuries including return to work and workers compensation
  • Know what regulations, policies and obligations are applicable globally or at the site level, and manage compliance centrally
  • Plan, schedule, and undertake audits, capture findings and react quickly to non-conformances

Prevent incidents and accidents

  • Identify at-risk and desired behaviors with a configurable safety observation workflow
  • Automate inspections, record findings and track actions to prevent incidents
  • Ensure safe use, handling and storage of all workplace chemicals with an up-to-date digitized chemical register
  • Digitize and take control of employee and contractor training and competency requirements
  • Manage contractor safety performance from pre-qualification, inductions, permit to work to ongoing monitoring
  • Train contractors on key policies, values, regulations, and code of conduct

Elevate safety performance

  • Investigate near-misses, incidents and accidents, and develop lessons learned to prevent incidents and accidents.
  • Share lessons learned and safety information via our mobile app
  • Identify safety trends and critical areas that require attention with interactive dashboards
  • Easily identify sites with an elevated risk of an incident using a safety score generated from weighted leading and lagging indicators
  • Create custom reports and dashboards to analyze data based on your specific needs

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Our technology solutions drives worker engagement and enables safety professionals to focus on valuable tasks that positively transforms safety culture.

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