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Build a pro-active integrated risk management program and reduce costly business disruptions.

Digitize and streamline

  • Comprehensively capture, manage, and analyze all types of hazards
  • Deploy a risk management workflow that aligns with ISO3100
  • Empower workers to visualize and better understand risks and controls with an interactive Bowtie tool
  • Manage risks and hazards, undertake control verification and complete assigned actions via a mobile app
  • Know what regulations, policies and obligations are applicable globally or at the site level, and manage compliance in one central place

Achieve operational excellence

  • Build and share a digital library of job safety/hazard analysis that identifies hazards, risks and controls
  • Automate all types of inspections, record findings, and track actions to mitigate risks
  • Digitize permit-to-work process for proper planning, assessment, and visibility of high-risk work
  • Implement a management of change workflow that records system and process changes, mitigates change risks, and assesses the effectiveness of changes
  • Update your code of conduct to emphasize the importance of a risk-aware culture

Increase your risk visibility

  • Gain more insights with interactive dashboards incorporating heat maps and other visualizations
  • Link risks to incident, audits, obligations, management of change and other processes
  • Integrate enterprise and asset information from other solutions and devices using flexible data integration
  • Use reporting and data analytics tools to analyze and aggregate information across all EHS and Operational Risk processes
  • Empower key decision makers with timely information to take actions that eliminate risks and positively impact the bottom line

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