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Check Out What's New in SAI360 2020 R1

SAI Global expands SAI360 risk management cloud platform with addition of BWise

SAI360, the most complete integrated risk management platform in the marketplace, brings together leading cloud technology, world-class enterprise GRC software and cutting-edge Ethics and Compliance Learning.

The SAI360 2020 Release 1 includes continuous improvement in the user experience, intuitive navigation, consolidated business analytics, organizational resilience and new ways to manage regulatory change and contains major enhancements including:

  • BWise incorporated within SAI360 platform to improve operational efficiencies across risk, internal control and compliance functions
  • Financial Services and Healthcare industries solutions upgrades
  • User experience (UX) enhancements around data visualization
  • Integrations of learning content in compliance workflows
  • Over 75 new Ethics and Compliance Learning products on a range of risk areas
  • Streamlined and automated workflows, processes and assessments for vendor risk and data privacy
  • Improvements to help manage environmental, health and safety risks, prevent incidents and accidents and achieve operational excellence
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Compliance Officers

Spend less time on compliance activities with SAI360’s automated and simplified processes, regulatory change management updates and innovative employee and third-party learning experiences.

  • Automated alerts and automatic content updates from RegRoom, StateScape, and other certified partners to reduce the cost of managing regulatory changes
  • Expedited contract management with Docusign e-signature and SmartMerge predefined clauses
  • Engaging new ethics and compliance learning experiences including CCPA, Data Privacy, Sexual Harassment, Global Trade Compliance, Anti-Bribery and Corruption and more.
  • Streamlined employee training and compliance management with integrated learning experiences and automated workflows

Risk Managers

Get a 360° view of your risk management and internal control programs with real-time dashboards, rich visualization and drilldown capabilities.

  • Enhanced UX to improve control assessments, new tree views to contextualize data and improved risk management and internal control dashboards
  • Upgrades to solution navigator, auto-save capabilities, advanced formatting in text editor and easy export into Office format
  • Automated calculation of residual risks based on inherent risks, control scores and other factors​ with configurable formula

Chief Information Security Officers

Prioritize critical third-party and vendor risk activities and save time with enhanced reporting, automated risk assessments and expansive knowledgebase and resources.

  • Visualize and share executive reports of third-party and vendor risk, data privacy and cybersecurity risk in a single instance
  • Simplify third-party vendor risk assessments by easily ranking vendors on specified screening criteria and adjustable assessment workflow rules
  • Refreshed workflow modules and new data privacy, GDPR and CCPA training to ensure regulatory deadlines are met

Business Continuity Managers

Uncover and address vendor risks before a crisis by turning business continuity data into actionable insights.

  • Mitigate vendor risks with first-in-class vendor continuity management solution, vendor profiling and screening, vendor impact assessments and proprietary risk-modeling algorithms.
  • Visualize risk gaps with robust Risk Intelligence reporting and dashboards, including Resilience Summary, Facility Stats and BIA Results reports

EHS Managers

Prevent incidents and accidents, achieve operational excellence and engage employees

  • Foster greater risk visibility and make smarter decisions with a Bowtie Risk modeling and visualization tool so employees learn what happens if effective controls are not in place
  • Identify locations of elevated incidents and accident risks with a Safety Score Analysis that aggregates leading and lagging indicators into a single metric and interactive dashboard
  • Streamline processes with an enhanced mobile app that enables employees to capture incidents and accidents, near misses, hazards, inspections, safe behavior observations and audits anytime and anywhere, even when offline

SAI360 for Healthcare

Enhancements that make compliance less onerous and more efficient to meet the complex reimbursement challenges of healthcare providers.

  • Detect at-risk payments and denials and improve revenue integrity with “always-on” continuous monitoring of claim remittances and automatic alerts of Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) from the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (CMS FISS)
  • Integrate FairWarning’s Patient Privacy Intelligent systems to eliminate duplicate entries of investigation data, provide data consistency, improve analysis, and automate routing
  • Configurable audit forms and sample claims to improve reimbursements and decrease billing error rates in Revenue Risk Manager solution

SAI360 for Financial Services

Enhanced regulatory change management capabilities that enable effective compliance notification management and minimize the risk of failure to comply with laws, regulations, and internal policies and procedures.

  • Dedicated task-screen provides smarter navigation with ability to review and delegate all assigned tasks, assessments, actions, reviews and approvals
  • Provide a full audit trail of who changed what and when with our notification change log
  • Efficiently filter and assign notifications with tags that help with the classification of regulatory data feeds and subscribe to topics to follow

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About SAI360 Releases

What is your release schedule?

We deliver at least two major market releases annually. You can look for those announcements around April and October. Enhancements to existing capabilities and fixes are released across applications throughout the calendar year, which you will continue to receive.

How do you name releases?

Our market releases are named based on the year of the release and the number of releases that year. This release is SAI360 2020 Release 1.

Do you provide detailed information about your releases?

Yes, detailed notes about application enhancements are provided to customers. If you are not receiving these notifications, please contact Support ( or your Account Manager.

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