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Resources and best practices for our customers responding to COVID-19

We’re all facing new and unprecedented challenges with the rapidly evolving COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic making its impact around the world. Lead your business to recovery with resources, tools and expert business resilience strategies from SAI Global.

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Learn how your peers are managing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Coronavirus & Business Continuity Resources

Resilience 2020

Explore our on-demand webinars for business continuity planning, vendor risk management, data privacy and crisis communications teams presented by our industry experts.

COVID-19 Vendor Risk Management Resources

COVID-19 Ethics & Compliance Resources

COVID-19 Health & Safety Resources

COVID-19 U.S. Healthcare Compliance Risk Resources

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Featured learning resource

COVID-19 Return to Work Training and Video

Planning to reopen your office or workplace? This short training experience features a video discussing health and safety best practices around COVID-19, a customizable intro and outro page, the ability to link to internal policies and resources, and a certificate and attestation of completion. We’re also capable of building a completely customized E&C training on this topic aligned to your organization’s goals.

Software & Learning Resources

Free Business Continuity Software

As business continuity professionals race to keep up with the challenges brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak, SAI Global is offering free 60-day access to our software for organizations to respond to resilience challenges, from employee health and welfare to disrupted supply chains.

Based on WHO and CDC Guidelines with Suggested Best Practices

SAI Global Pandemic Plan Template

To protect your employees’ health and safety and keep business operations running, SAI Global has made our best-practice Pandemic Plan template available for business continuity and risk managers.

This is a framework to ensure the safety of employees and the continuity of essential operations and services in the event of a pandemic event. It’s provided as a Word document for your organization to customize for your unique needs

Five Best Practices for a Healthy Workplace

5 Ethical Tips Coronavirus Video

Whether you’re working remote or back in the office, this one-minute video from SAI Global’s ethics and compliance collection of “Ethical Tips” serves as a reminder for five best practices to maintain a healthy workplace.

It is based on CDC and WHO guidance and designed to help protect you and your coworkers from a contagious illness.

Free SAI Global Vendor Risk Pandemic Questionnaire

vendor risk pandemic questionnaire
Given the broad impact of COVID-19 on the global supply chain and cybersecurity, organizations need to assess their vendors and suppliers and to determine which those that are critical to operations and most likely to be impacted. Our new questionnaire, available as a PDF or Excel document, can help you and your vendors during the pandemic and beyond.

30-day Free Trial of SAI Global’s Third-Party Express Software

coronavirus free trial vendor risk software

Learn how organizations can automate and scale the vendor risk process to ensure the resilience of their supply chain and third parties. Our free Third-Party Express offer includes access to our VRM software, best practices and dedicated support:

  • Instant free access to our Third-Party Express software for a 30-day period to help companies through the pandemic
  • Built-in vendor pandemic questionnaire to evaluate risks associated with vendors
  • Reporting with our COVID-19 dashboard that displays risk scores associated with the impact of the pandemic

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