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Settlement Room Frequently Asked Questions

We have been asked many questions during our complimentary webinars and though our Settlement Room Support team.  These questions have been sorted into topics for you to search and download for future easy reference.

A couple of example questions are listed below under their relevant topics.  Click on the topic name to see all questions and answers on this topic.

  • How do I invite other participants and my bank to Settlement Room?
  • Can the non-participating party be amended if you find out they want to attend?
  • Is SAI Global Property going to stop phone bookings?
  • Can we book regional settlements online?
  • Is the 10am cut-off time AEDT or local time for each state?
  • If settlement funds are unconfirmed will settlement be called off?
  • Why would you unverify?
  • When the Outgoing Mortgagee is verified are we notified?
  • What's the purpose of the Add Settlement Document tab?
  • Can a document be retrieved and saved to our own system?
  • Does each party need to create a file?
  • Can we book SAI Global Property to act for us through Settlement Room?
  • Is Settlement Room open to the public?
  • I have lost my login details.  How do I obtain them again?
  • How will Settlement Room be integrated with PEXA settlements?
  • Do all settlement agents need to be registered on PEXA?
  • Why are you upgrading SSB and what benefits does it give to me?
  • What do I do with my current files which have been issued an SSB Key?

For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or complete our contact us form and we will contact you.

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