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What is Settlement Room

Settlement Room was launched nationally in August 2014and is a “transaction workspace" where all parties in a settlement can share, compare and agree on vital information prior to the actual settlement.  Settlement Room is designed to eradicate any opportunity for settlements to fail while also making the business of arranging settlement more efficient. 

All transactions with our financial institutions are performed within Settlement Room.  Invitations and notifications will come in the form of an email inviting participating parties into the one matter within Settlement Room where they will be able to collaborate together.

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Watch Educational Videos
A series of educational videos on "how your Settlement Room world will change when the banks participate in Settlement Room" are available.  Click your preferred title below to watch the video.  We recommend viewing these videos via Internet Explorer.

Receiving an Invite and Creating a Matter 
This session provides detail on how to action an invitation and your steps to create a Settlement Room matter.
Participation confirmation
This session outlines the process around collaborating online with your bank and the steps towards booking a settlement.
Verifying data
This session shows you how to confirm data and preview documents required at settlement.
Ready to Book Notifications and Booking a Settlement
This session will provide you detail on the ready to book notification and how to book a settlement with your bank.
Completing financials as a Purchaser’s Representative
This session will show you how to submit your cheque directions online and finalise your matter when acting as a Purchaser’s Representative.
Completing financials as a Vendor’s Representative 
This session outlines how to view your payout figure online and finalise your matter when acting as a Vendor’s Representative.


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