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Settlement Room FAQ


How do I invite other participants and my bank to Settlement Room?
Once you have created your file, navigate to the Participants Tab. Using the drop down menu against the party you wish to invite, select 'Invite'. From here you will be prompted to search our Conveyancing Directory for the particular conveyancer, legal practitioner or financial institution. In some cases you will need to also select a workgroup for that organisation as they may have multiple offices. Back to top.
What does populated mean?
Populated refers to the participation status of the four parties in Settlement Room. It means that all parties are accounted for as either, joined, marked as a non-participant or not required. Back to top.
Can the non-participating party be amended if you find out they want to attend?
Yes definitely. In the participants tab, go to where they are currently listed as a non-participant and remove them via the drop down actions box. This process will un-confirm your financials because it is now populating another party. Then on the participants tab again you can now invite the vendor’s representative and select invite on the actions drop down. That will allow you to search for the firm and send them an invitation. Back to top.
Can you still use Settlement Room if you act for both the Vendor and the Purchaser? If so, would you need to invite yourself as the other party?
Yes you can act for both sides. You would need to create two separate files, one as the Vendor’s Representative and the other as the Purchaser’s Representative. Invite yourself and then collaborate online with the banks on either side of the files. Back to top.
Will you be doing a webinar on a 4-party settlement?
We will be organising future webinars and we can demonstrate the four party scenario. You can see the four party transactions in our 'Four Party' Videos via the Help Icon through Settlement Room. Back to top.

Can you explain the new field in the matter create form, “Participants”?
This section allows you to indicate whether or not you will be inviting the other legal practitioner to your Settlement Room matter. By selecting “No”, the other legal practitioner will be marked as a “Non-participant” and you will be able to proceed with booking with your financial institution when they have joined your matter, and are ready to book. By selecting “Yes”, you will need to invite the other legal practitioner to join your matter. This can be done via the Participants Tab once your matter has been created. Note that neither options are permanent. Should the circumstances change, you can always invite, or mark the other legal practitioner as a “Non-participant” at any time via the Participants Tab. Back to top.

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