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21 February 2014 

Leading settlement software and services provider, SAI Global Property, has gone live with its pioneering Conveyancing Directory technology. From 17 February, conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors - who have registered their contact details with the directory - will begin receiving “ready to settle” bank notifications via email.
Initial notifications will come from two of our major banks with others to follow during the course of 2014.
A first of its kind register of conveyancers and solicitors involved in property settlements across Australia, Conveyancing Directory provides users with a convenient single location for updating their email contact details ensuring that settlement invitations and other bank notifications - such as self-service booking (SSB) keys - are sent direct to their email addresses, enabling them to manage settlement bookings online.
Says General Manager, Business Development at SAI Global, Ann Wootton: “There’s no longer the risk of notifications being delayed or failing to reach their destination as a result of problem faxes or of conveyancers being stuck in phone queues trying to book settlement.
“Receiving notifications by email cuts out these complications, ensuring all settlement bookings are managed online. Conveyancers can now click on the hyperlink in the settlement booking notification and book settlement direct with the bank.”
Ms Wootton says the banks preparedness to embrace the new technology - and with others to follow - sends a strong signal that these institutions view Conveyancing Directory as integral to improving communication between conveyancers and banks and to stripping out frustration in the lead-up to settlement day.
The release of Conveyancing Directory is the next step in the development of SAI Global Property’s online solution.
Ms Wootton urges conveyancers and solicitors to register with Conveyancing Directory.
“For those who don’t sign up, they will continuereceiving bank notifications via fax and run the risk of faxes being misdirected and having to be re-issued.  They will also miss out on the opportunity to access SAI Global Property’s online pre-settlement meeting space, Settlement Room, which is poised to be launched in the first half of 2014.
“Keep in mind that should a financial institution or legal representative not locate you in Conveyancing Directory but have your contact details, they may submit these to us for inclusion in the directory. SAI Global Property staff will be in contact to check if you’d like to be registered and once confirmed, will upload your contact information in readiness for the next matter.”
If you are registered with Conveyancing Directory and your email address changes, it is important that you update these changes by phoning 1300 730 000.
To register for Conveyancing Directory today, go to:
For more media information contact:
Wendy Parker on 0422 694 503

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