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Taking ‘can-do’ to new heights
A ‘can do’ culture has long been part of SAI Global Property’s modus operandi and remains intrinsic to the company’s values, beliefs, expectations and behaviour of staff.
This culture – which has its genesis in the former Anstat and Espreon operations and which is now entrenched across the entire operation - has had a significant impact on the smooth and efficient operation of the business by ensuring employees share like-minded values and beliefs, enjoy enormous work satisfaction and are prepared to go above and beyond.
According to SAI Global Property Product Manager, Simon Vallegra, the biggest winners are the customers.
“Our ‘can-do’ culture means our staff members are prepared to go that bit further – to constantly look at ways of improving existing products and services, to listen to clients and to respond effectively and most importantly, to pull together as one in an attempt to solve a problem.”
Simon says this culture was clearly on display when SAI Global Property’s technology team (the software programmers, designers, testers and business analysts responsible for the functional design of software)  pulled together to solve major issues with Conveyancing Manager following its premature release to the market last year.
“Determined to turn the situation around, the team painstakingly pulled the product apart, fixing the parts that didn’t work while also including additional features customers requested. They then systematically put the software back together again, testing it again and again, refining and ironing out bugs, often working well into the night and at weekends. No-one complained; they were that determined to get the product right.
 “The outcome:- rather than walking away from Conveyancing Manager, our clients have remained loyal, knowing they have a system that not only works incredibly well and is making a significant difference to streamlining their day to day operations, but a product that has massive future potential.”
If that was not enough, Technology Development Manager for Melbourne, Jim Tasevski and team, have implemented a technology delivery process which is geared at providing Conveyancing Manager and Search Manager customers with regular monthly software updates and improvements.
Says Jim: “The purpose of these updates is to continually improve the functionality of our software and iron out any defects while at the same time ensuring our customers have the best possible product and that my team remains challenged and engaged and constantly on the look-out for new and better ways of doing things.”
SAI Global Property’s Minos Paterakis, National Operations Manager, Customer Services and Searching is another ‘can do’ evangelist.
To help foster the spirit of ‘can do’ among his numerous teams and to ensure they are constantly achieving best practise and delivering great customer service, Minos, with his leadership team, has developed the “Horizon Approach.”
Says Minos: “According to this workplace approach, every day is seen as a fresh start and the opportunity to improve on what was done the previous day. The impact of this is that there is a buzz and excitement in the workplace as our staff actively seek out new and better ways of delivering service.”
Asked about the feedback from his conveyancing and solicitor clients, he says he has received numerous good news stories from satisfied clients, the common theme being that the skills, knowledge and passion displayed by his team members is outstanding. 
The willingness of Adam Direen, a casual member of staff from the company’s Bourke Street Pre-Settlements Team, to go well beyond the call of duty is another example of the pervasiveness of the company’s ‘can-do’ culture and how it has been embraced by staff, regardless of their hierarchy in the organisation.
Involved in managing pre-settlement services for major financial institutions and banks, Adam was recently called by a solicitor, representing the purchaser of a $2 million property, desperate to have his client’s cheque amended. The clock was ticking. Settlement was just 40 minutes off.
Says Adam: “As per process, I instructed the solicitor to call the bank and deal with them directly but when that didn’t work I immediately stepped in. The bank realised that the file in question had not been updated and agreed to make the funds available. The amended cheque went out on time and the property was settled without incurring interest or resettlement fees.”
Adam says while it was not his responsibility to intervene, there are instances where it is necessary. “Usually a problem can be solved by providing a client with the right processes for doing something, but where this doesn’t work, stepping in is the best way.
“While the Pre-settlement’s Team may deal with paperwork all day long, we are well aware that there are people at the end of every transaction. They are the ones who will be affected financially and emotionally if a settlement fails. As a result we always do our best to ensure that each of our settlements gets across the line.”

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