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SAI Global Property sign as a PEXA sponsor

Edition 13 // JULY 2014
We are delighted to announce that we have officially now become a PEXA* Sponsor.

As a sponsor we are absolutely committed to seeing the online property exchange system ‘come to life’ and will play a critical role in supporting and preparing our conveyancing and legal services customers for what will be a change to the way they operate.

This will include access and integration with PEXA, setting them up as PEXA subscribers, while also providing them with all the training and support they will need during the integration process.

Says SAI Global Property Program Director, Electronic Settlements, Amanda Baker, who has played a vital role in making the PEXA relationship happen, “ultimately we will ensure their transition online is as easy and seamless as possible.”

Integration between PEXA and our online settlement platform will be via Settlement Room which is now in the final stages of preparation and is poised to be rolled out over the coming months.
Although Settlement Room will provide our customers with access to PEXA and enable them to conduct property settlements from Day 1 of the property exchange going live, the actual transfer of information and data from our system to the PEXA platform will only happen later.
Similarly, integration with our customers’ business processes will take time and will largely be determined by experience and much greater definition around customer requirements.

Amanda says whilst the transition to electronic conveyancing will be a challenging time for our conveyancing and legal practitioner clients – who may require new technologies, and have an opportunity to adjust their operations and processes and the way they go about doing business – with SAI Global Property “they are in the best possible hands”.

“We are well placed to provide them with everything they will need to complete a property settlement online – the ability to conduct certificate of title searches, check restrictions on properties and purchase essential property certificates.  In addition to our existing services, direct access to the PEXA platform will enable our customers to track and monitor the progress of matters, book settlements online, meet online with banks and other parties prior to settlement to resolve inconsistencies with ‘paperwork’ and access payment directions and soon, secure direct access to the PEXA platform where they can complete settlement and finalise lodgement.

“In addition to this, we’re also giving them the option of us performing manual settlements for them, for those transactions that don’t qualify for PEXA. Basically, our customers don’t need to go elsewhere for any part of the settlement process – we’re giving them all they need now and into the future.”

*The  PEXA platform will commence its roll-out in late 2014, with all states to be live by late 2015.

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