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Putting profitability back into conveyancing

Edition 2 // July 2013 
As the first of glimmers of improvement return to Australia’s property market, now is the time for conveyancers to begin building efficiencies and scalability into their operations –
preparing themselves for when the market truly bounces back.
Our new online business software solution, Conveyancing Manager,is designed to help conveyancers achieve just that. In the throes of being released nationally and currently being used by several houndred conveyancers in Victoria, with a rapidly increasing client base in other States.
This clever workflow tool automates the conveyancing process, simultaneously removing unnecessary duplication, error and risk, It also provides  users with a repeatable business structure, enabling them to rapidly respond to growing demand by quickly and seamlessly bringing new staff on board.
The system also enables users to:
·         Build highly customised workflow templates for all transaction types. For example, conveyancers may require specific documents and have certain fees, charges and processes for specific transactions such as residential sales, residential purchases, off the plan and so on. These can be built ahead of time, saving precious time during the actual transaction phase.
·         Track the progress of matters through diary entries and tasks, reducing the possibility of any part of the workflow process being missed. Users will also receive regular reminders when critical due dates are pending.
·         Remove duplication of effort associated with performing a conveyance. This is especially relevant where sub-divisions for multiple dwellings are involved. Via the ‘Projects’ module in Conveyancing Manager, conveyancers can build seed files with common information and generate common documents for each subdivision across all files at the single click of a button.
·         Collect the data and details of the client, the property and all other parties involved in the transaction. This enables forms (transfer documents, mortgage discharge documents and revenue office forms) and letters to those involved in the settlement, to be automatically generated.
·         Access to a library of forms and basic precedents and theability to create and code all documents and letters.
·         Quickly and easily conduct property searches and order property certificates. BecauseConveyancing Manager has been integrated with our online information search system, Search Manager, users have direct access to all the necessary information and the services required for developing, transferring and understanding Australian property and business searches,avoiding the need to visit government websites and re-key information … and have the charges automatically applied to the matter for easy disbursement and reconciliation.
·         Automatically prepopulate settlement bookings and documentation with the correct information, eliminating human error and reducing the likelihood of settlements failing.
·         Access to an adjustments' calculator which prepares the necessary adjustments for council, water and other rates and charges. This determines who must pay and how much and which party requires a refund.
·         Access to a settlement instruction tool which allows users totracks the documents, cheques and other items needed to be collected or handed over at settlement. It also determines the relevant fees, charges and stamp duty required, ensuring absolute accuracy. This feature is of particular importance to conveyancers in the Queensland where a settlement statement is also required. This statement necessitates a full account of all the financials, instructions and what must be handed over.
·         A built-in disaster recovery functionality with cloud back-up for documentation and programs, ensuring that nothing is lost and that conveyancers can be up and running within an hour of their computer failing.
·         Another critical feature of Conveyancing Manager is that it enables business to be more scalable. Often business owners – particularly sole operators – rely heavily on their personal knowledge and experience and don’t have the necessary systems and processes to enable other people to come on board quickly and hit the ground running.
·         A cost effective solution. Not only is the system one of the most powerful business software tools available to conveyancers, it is also one of the most economical.

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