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Preparing for PEXA

With preparations full steam ahead for the first PEXA deployment in New South Wales and Victoria later this month, what precisely should conveyancers and solicitors be doing to ensure they are ready for the on-boarding process?

As mentioned in our last newsletter, this initial deployment will enable pre-selected metropolitan and regional property lawyers and conveyancers in these states to lodge documents and complete settlements online on behalf of their clients.

That said; do keep in mind that you can complete the on-boarding process well in advance of PEXA coming to your state.

Preparation will involve subscribing to PEXA, with ongoing access via a sponsor, such as SAI Global Property.

This will involve the following four key steps as outlined by the e-conveyancing regulator, ARNECC.See for more details)

1. Sign a Participation Agreement.

This agreement binds your firm to meet their responsibilities under the Model Participation Rules outlined by ARNECC. This agreement must be signed by an authorised signatory from your firm – someone who is able to execute agreements. Once you are ready to start your application to become a PEXA Subscriber, PEXA or your Sponsor (SAI Global Property) will provide you with the link to all you will need to get the registration process underway, including the signing of the Participation Agreement.

2. Have your identity verified (VOI)

A PEXA employee or a SAI Global Property account manager (should you be using us as your sponsor) will be able to manage this process for you. Where you are unable to meet with us or with PEXA to have your identity verified, third party providers, such as ZipID or Australia Post can help. Check out the ID requirements here.

3. Furnish necessary documentation.

This will include a copy of your practicing certificate or conveyancing licence. When you commence the registration process you will receive an email that will provide guidance as to what type of supporting documentation you need for your type of business. You will be able to upload the supporting documents direct to your own secure registration file with PEXA for review by PEXA. If you subscribe via a sponsor, such as SAI Global Property, your sponsor will assist you with a pre-validation check to ensure the right documents are submitted to PEXA, reducing the risk of rework and delays.

4. Digital Certificate.

Finally, you’ll need a Digital Certificate to sign documents electronically in PEXA. Legally this is the equivalent of physically signing a paper document. In fact, you can think of it as your ‘digital pen’! When signing up for PEXA, your sponsor will assist in your Digital Certificate application and guide you through set-up and testing.  A handy application is also available on the PEXA website which enables you to check that you have your digital certificate correctly set-up and ready to sign electronically.

informed on what SAI Global Property are doing with PEXA by filling in our Expression of Interest in PEXA form.
PEXA will be hosting some face to face events in Sydney and Melbourne during November. It would be a good idea to register to attend these events.

Sydney PEXA Information Session
Thursday 20 November 2014
Swissotel Sydney
6pm – 8.30pm
Register to attend here
Melbourne PEXA Information Session
Thursday 27 November 2014
Sofitel on Collins
6pm – 8.30pm
Register to attend here 

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