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Making a Splash

Edition 9 // March 2014
If you recently attended the Law Institute’s Legal Symposium in March or if you subscribe to some of the industry trade publications, you may have noticed the new SAI Global Property marketing campaign coming to life.

Rising above the noise and confusion around the new PEXA electronic settlement process was the objective in this multi-channel campaign. Cut-through creative across targeted digital, guerrilla and print has allowed SAI Global Property’s message to launch with a splash.

The campaign positions SAI Global Property as a leader who guides conveyancers and property lawyers through this very important time of transition to electronic settlement in these six simple steps: 
  1. Get onto the Conveyancing Directory
  2. Use SAI Global Property’s Settlement Room
  3. Complete your Settlement searches through Search Manager
  4. Request a demo of Conveyancing Manager, our diary-based workflow conveyancing solution
  5. Talk to us about attending settlements on your behalf
  6. Choose SAI Global Property as your electronic settlement partner
Featured in the visuals is relaxed and suntanned guy, “Sam”, who is living the life that many of our customers want to live; hassle-free and fun without the daily work stress before PEXA comes on stream.
“Sam” the man taken by Peter Glenane at the recent Law Institute Legal Symposium

SAI Global Property wants property lawyers and conveyancers to know that SAI Global Property can make their journey to PEXA smooth so that they can get to focus on more important things, like having a fun holiday.

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