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Enlighten: Key to Effective Resourcing

As SAI Global Property begins ramping up for what is one the busiest months on the annual settlements’ calendar, one of the most important tools in its forward planning and preparations’ toolkit is Enlighten.
A workforce resource management tool, it provides settlement operational sites across Australia the ability to prepare for the spike in volumes as home buyers and investors rush to settle before the end of the financial year end.
Says SAI Global Property General Manager of Operations, Gina Assimakis: “With the help of Enlighten, we spend most of May planning anticipated work volumes at an activity level. That is, we plan on how many settlements, lodgements and document scanning activities we expect will flow through for June and on what days and during which weeks.  We then turn these activities into man hours, allowing our settlement sites to call in additional resources by way of casuals to meet this demand while at the same time maintaining client service standards".
“Taking such a methodical and mathematical approach to managing volumes ensures we are always properly resourced, our people aren’t under pressure and we’re able to do a great job.”
Gina says to complement additional resources, operational sites also maintain close contact with their clients to ensure that the delivery of files and cheques are prompt and well in advance of morning settlement times.
“While this process has been long standing, with the introduction of Enlighten the operational sites have been able to continually improve their service which keeps failure rates at an all-time low.”
Currently only 1 in 5,500 settlements fail as a result of errors we are responsible for.
Gina says well defined settlement service processes, a major emphasis on training and cross-skilling and great team culture are also a major contributor to effectively managing workflow in busy periods.

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