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Conveyancing and legal practitioners in the spotlight

We’re determined our conveyancing and legal practitioner clients enjoy the same top notch service our banking and financial services clients have come to expect from us over the past three years – particularly where the outsourcing of settlement and legal services is concerned.

Thanks to a major transformation to our back of house operations, we not only deliver world-class processes but live and breathe continual improvement, quality management and compliance and are dedicated to saving our customers time and money.

Our suite of services for the conveyancing and legal practitioner market includes:
·        Dedicated settlement rooms in all major cities across Australia
·        Trust account usage service
·        Attendance at settlement
·        Stamping services
·        Document registration
·        Cheque collection and banking
·        Court filing and searching 
As an indication of just how serious we are about being more responsive to our conveyancing and legal practitioners, we have created the brand new role of National Business Development Manager, Legal Settlement Services.

This role has been filled by Jade White who was previously the State Operations Manager Vic/Tas and has over 13 years’ experience in the area of settlement and legal services.

Over the next few weeks and months, Jade will be meeting with our existing legal settlement services’ client base and looking at ways in which we can better address their pain points and develop settlement and legal service processes to better reflect their individual requirements.

If you wish to contact Jade please email her on

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