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About Us

Major provider of end-to-end settlement software and services
SAI Global Property is the leader provider in Australia of integrated search, settlement and conveyancing software and services.
Made up of acquisitions Espreon (the Lawpoint and Gallaways brands) and information broking business, Anstat (Anstat and API) we provide software and services to over  55 per cent of the Australia’s mortgage processing market and have close to  30 per cent of the property and commercial information search market.
SAI Global Property is also a rapidly emerging provider of workflow software, systems and services to Australia’s conveyancing sector.
We are also taking a crucial leadership role in Australia’s transition to a fully-fledged electronic property settlements environment. We are a PEXA sponsor and are helping the market to prepare the eventual transition to settling on-line by developing and implementing  our own end-to-end electronic property settlement system for our customers.
We’re providing clients  with all the necessary software and systems to complete a settlement online - the ability to manage due diligence activities, purchase property certificates, track and monitor the progress of matters and meet online with all parties prior to settlement.
We will continue to provide a manual settlement option, providing our clients with certainty of settlement outcome, regardless of how their matter is settled, either manually or electronically.
Our offering comprises THREE key product and service areas: 
A division of SAI Global - an ASX 200 company with a market capitalisation of around $800m – SAI Global Property has over 500 staff, located in offices in all state capital cities including Canberra and the Gold Coast.
We remain committed to delivering market leading products and services to the financial and legal industry, conveyancers, property professionals and corporations nationally by driving innovation and quality end-to-end solutions that reduce risk and increase our clients’ productivity and profitability.

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