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StandardsMark Compliance for Rainwater Tanks

Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water and Chemicals
Compliance of the manufactured tanks to the Standard is not only a product risk management strategy, but also provides a long term strategy for managing the  quality of the products and the health of the rotational moulding industry in Australia.
What does the Standard specify?
AS/NZS 4766 specifies requirements for the design and manufacture of polyethylene storage tanks that are rotationally moulded in one-piece seamless construction. The tanks are for non-buried, vertical installation and capable of containing water, liquids used in food and beverage manufacture and chemical solutions at atmospheric pressure. Methods for demonstrating compliance with this Standard are given in Appendix A of the Standard.
Certified Polyethylene Tanks
Manufacturers that produce polyethylene rainwater tanks to AS/NZS 4766 may choose to have their product and processes independently audited and certified.  The certification process requires that:
  • The tanks and materials must be independently tested by a suitably qualified laboratory
  • The manufacturer’s quality plan and tanks must be audited annually by SAI Global
  • The test reports and the audit reports are verified for compliance to the relevant Standard by SAI Global.
Plumbing Type Test Certification is offered by SAI Global for materials/products that will benefit from independent verification, either as part of a supply chain to certified end products or by customer demand. There are requirements within many product standards for raw materials to show compliance. The Type Test certification is an ideal way for the supplier to show that their material/product complies.


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