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The ‘5 ticks’ StandardsMark™ is a global certification mark providing competitive advantage and differentiation to each product carrying this mark.  The StandardsMark™ on a product is an independent assurance to the customer that the product has undergone a rigorous audit and testing program.
The StandardsMark™ scheme is a System 5 certification scheme which requires annual audits of the manufacturing facility in addition to product type testing, according to the requirements of the relevant standard.
SAI Global offers the StandardsMark™ certification program for a large number of products. For example:
  • Health & Safety Area:  products for head, body & foot protection, such as helmets, safety glasses, safety footwear, protective clothing, personal flotation devices, children’s products, such as car seats, prams, cots; fire protection, such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, etc.
  • Potting Mix:  the potting mix standard AS 3743 specifies that manufacturers are required to label their products with the appropriate consumer and health warnings, when preparing their products for retail sale. Other standards in this suite include AS 4419 (soils for landscaping and garden use) and AS 4454 (composites, soil conditioners and mulches). SAI Global certification service covers inspection of the product and ongoing monitoring to ensure that the product continues to comply with the stated standard.
  • Plumbing & Water Area:  products for water infrastructure supplies, such as pipes; heaters; taps, etc. See also WaterMark Certification information.
  • Septic Tanks Certification:  SAI Global offers StandardsMark™ certification program with annual audits to AS 1546.
  • Polyethylene Rain Water Tank Certification:  SAI Global offers StandardsMark™ certification program with annual audits to AS/NZS 4766.
  • Building & Engineering Area:  products for building and automotive industries, such as safety glass.
  • Post Cutting & Marking of Safety Glass:  SAI Global offers glaziers the facility to purpose cut previously certified Laminated Safety Glass that maintains compliance with AS/NZS 2080 for land vehicles and AS/NZS 2208 for building glass. The cutting scheme is a non-test program based on an audit program to check the compliance from the manufacturer to the customer via the cutting process.
  • Electrotechnology Area:  products, such as plugs, sockets, household electrical appliances; AS/NZS 3800 Certification program for overhaul and repair workshops.
  • Miscellaneous Products:  products, such as breathalysers, biodegradable plastics, marine safety (ie. flares), sharps containers, engine coolants, plastics materials for food contact use, packaging of sterile items for patient care, playground surfacing and many more.