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Pressure Equipment Products

SAI Global Product Certification offers a number of certification schemes tailored for pressure equipment products. These certification services include:
Gas Cylinder Test Station certification specifies the requirements for the certification of gas cylinder test stations as specified in the AS 2337 series of standards.  SAI Global certifies test stations to test cylinders of various categories.  Some examples of these categories are:
  • welded and brazed (BBQ, camping and other types of LPG cylinders other than automotive)
  • seamless (SCUBA, CO2 fire extinguishers)
  • composite (previously known as fibre reinforced plastic and breathing apparatus)
  • automotive LPG (LPG fuel vessels for cars)
  • automotive CNG (natural gas fuel cylinders for trucks and buses).
Second Party Inspections and Assessments are based on the requirements of our clients, as opposed to a specific Standard. The compliance can be to a process or to a product, against an agreed specification. The purpose of a second party inspection and assessment is to provide the customer with objective evidence of compliance to a specification, as agreed between customer and supplier.


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