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Gas Safety Products

SAI Global Product Certification offers a wide range of certification schemes tailored for gas products. These certification services include:
StandardsMark™ certification is offered by SAI Global for a large number of gas products, where the manufacturer would like these gas products to be certified under a System 5 certification scheme.  Examples of gas products that SAI Global can certify under our StandardsMark scheme include, domestic gas cooking appliances, gas fired water heaters, gas space heaters, domestic outdoor gas barbeques, gas pool heaters, various components and many others.
Gas Safety Certification Scheme is offered by SAI Global for gas appliances and components.  SAI Global’s gas appliances and components scheme is a System 2/3 certification scheme where compliance to the relevant standard is confirmed through independent testing and review of test reports.  Ongoing compliance of the certified product is demonstrated via an annual product evaluation.
The SAI Global gas scheme incorporates:
  • Type A gas appliances (up to 500MJ/h)
  • Commercial catering equipment
  • Industrial appliances (generally appliances up to and not exceeding 500MJ/h)
  • Camping and leisure equipment
  • Components.

For information about type testing of your gas appliances, click here.

CE Program – Appliances Burning Gaseous Fuels Directive 90/396/EEC is offered to those selling their gas products in the European Union. The ‘Gas Appliances Directive’ covers appliances used for cooking, heating, hot water production, refrigeration, lighting or washing and having, a normal water temperature not exceeding 105gC.
Second Party Inspections and Assessments are based on the requirements of our clients, as opposed to a specific Standard. The compliance can be to a process or to a product, against an agreed specification. The purpose of a second party inspection and assessment is to provide the customer with objective evidence of compliance to a specification, as agreed between customer and supplier.


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