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Gas Appliances Testing Services

SAI Global Enertech is a NATA certified facility for testing of industrial, commercial and household appliances to Australian and Internationally recognized standards relating to gas, electrical safety and performance.
Testing can be conducted to Australian, New Zealand or Internationally recognised Standards
Gas appliances must be tested independently to the relevant Australian standard and certified by an Accredited Certification Body before they can be sold in Australia.
Gas appliance testing and evaluation can be conducted against standards, codes, specifications or your own requirements including research and development, specialized installations and prototype testing.
SAI Global Enertech Gas Testing
We are able to provide testing for a variety of gas appliances and components. Testing of Industrial/Commercial and residential
  • cooking appliances (including upright cookers, hotplates and ovens)
  • barbecues (including those with side and infrared burners)
  • camping and leisure appliances (including gas lanterns and portable stoves)
  • storage and instantaneous water heaters
  • ducted central heating appliances (including indoor and outdoor models)
  • space heating appliances (including radiant, conventional and decorative log effect models)
  • full range of commercial catering equipment
  • specialised gas appliances (including patio heaters, mobile industrial air heaters and agricultural heaters).
Enertech is also able to provide measurement of gas rates and combustion values and Gas / Water Component testing.
Working closely with your certification requirements
The ISO 17025 NATA Accredited laboratory has been a leader in its specialist field of operation and will continue to support its clients testing, R&D and certification requirements.
We are able to provide bundled product certification and testing services – so you SAVE! Talk to us today to discuss your requirements.
Post testing services provided may include:
·         Reporting against codes, standards, specifications
·         Research & development
·         Building technical relationships.


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