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SAI Global Enertech Electrical Appliance Testing

Enertech can provide electrical safety testing for a huge range of household appliances, including (but not limited to) Fridges and Freezers, Cook Tops & Range hoods, Blenders, Coffee Grinders and Machines, Food Mixers, Electric Grills, Deep Fryers, Fans, Kettles, Toasters, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners.

• Performance testing of electrical appliances
• Energy efficiency and energy labeling of appliances
• Thermal modeling and analyses
• Energy Labelling of Whitegoods, Refrigerators/Freezers and Air Conditioners
• Research & Development Services
• Appliance Compliance Application Submissions
• Thermal and Air Performance Testing of Evaporative Air Conditioners
• Electrical Safety Testing

Thermal Imaging
Electrical equipment and switchboards often produce warning signs before they fail, like generating excess heat. This heat can be detected via Thermal Imaging. Thermography is the use of an infrared camera to create heat pictures of your equipment to determine if there are any anomalies. This type of testing is great as preventative maintenance, especially on critical, expensive equipment.

Working closely with your certification requirements
The ISO 17025 NATA Accredited laboratory has been a leader in its specialist field of operation and will continue to support its clients testing, R&D and certification requirements.
We are able to provide bundled product certification and testing services – so you SAVE! Talk to us today to discuss your requirements.

Post testing services provided may include:
• Reporting against codes, standards, specifications
• Research & development
• Building technical relationships.

Testing and Tagging of Electrical Equipment to AS/NZS 3760:2010, In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment

Enertech can come to your business and perform regular testing and tagging to the requirements of AS/NZS 3760 to confirm the ongoing safety of your electrical equipment.

Contact David Teakle on 03 8669 2301 or email for a no-obligation quote or enquiry.



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