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What is Product Certification?
According to ISO/IEC Guide 67 - Fundamentals of Product Certification, Product Certification is referred to 'an activity by which a third party gives written assurance that a product (including process and service) fulfils specified requirements'.
Types of Product Certification Systems offered by SAI Global:
  • System 5 Certification is where compliance is achieved through an on-site factory assessment of the manuafcturing processes as well as type testing of product samples.  Ongoing certification is also required and involves factory surveillnace audits to ensure that maintenance of the manufacturing process is occurring, for example StandardsMark and WaterMark Level 1 certification schemes.
  •  System 2/ 3 Certification is where compliance to the relevant standard is confirmed through type testing of product samples together with final product inspection/ review conducted in the market place or at the place of manufacture, for example Gas Safety certification scheme.
  •  System 1 Certification is commonly referred to as 'type test certification', whereby product samples are sent to a recognised test laboratory  to be evaluated against the test requirements of the specific standard, for example WaterMark Level 2 and Type Test certification schemes.


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