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Welcome to SAI Global Limited's Investor Centre. 

SAI Global aims to build shareholder value through sound and prudent management of its businesses. The integrated business model is the key to continuously growing shareholder value.

The SAI Global Limited Board of Directors recognises its duties and responsibilities to its various stakeholders and strongly advocates good corporate governance. We believe it is prudent to grow and build shareholder value by adopting an open and transparent communications policy with all our stakeholders, creating an informed market.

This Investor Centre provides information relating to investing in SAI Global Limited.
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Assurance division

Audit, Certify and Register

Independent assessments to certify and/or register your system or product, manage risk and improve business performance.

compliance division

Compliance, Ethics, Risk and Governance

An integrated set of solutions for legal, compliance, ethics and risk management professionals.

information services division

Standards, Legislation, Property and Business Information

Source and manage the information you need to comply with Standards, regulations, directives and legislation around the globe.