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Minimize your business risks by keeping informed

SAI Global provides knowledge and information services to technical, business, legal and risk management professionals in numerous industries and job roles around the world. We allow you to reference and manage critical business and regulatory changes and information so that you stay current with global trends, regulatory changes and make the right decisions for your business.

Learn more about how our information services help you build a culture of compliance and ethics.

Making sense from all the information

Are you a corporate compliance, legal or risk management professional that has to stay current with the ever-changing laws and regulations in one country or around the world?

Our newsfeeds, regulatory alerts and databases:
  • help you stay current with global trends, regulations and case law in compliance, culture and ethics
  • allow you to search online for geographic-specific and industry-specific information on AML, and privacy
  • keep you up to date with the legislative, regulatory and SH&E regulatory change across every Australian jurisdiction
Learn more about how our Standards Alerting service minimizes the risk of legal repercussions for your organization.

Minimize the risk of legal repercussions

Did you know that a failure to comply with certain Standards can lead to legal repercussions? It's vitally important that you know when a Standard has changed, because lack of compliance could be damaging to your organization.

Our Standards Alerting service:
  • Ensures you are referencing the current local and international Standards whilst developing your products and services
  • Informs you of changes to Standards before your clients find out
  • Allows you to easily find Standards related to the ones you use to run your organization
  • Helps you respond to regulatory changes more quickly than your competitors