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Regulatory Newsfeeds offer the latest legal news and updates. Legal editors and subject matter experts, use the most authoritative sources to deliver a weekly digest of changes including policy, stakeholder opinions and any related OHS issues.

What you get with Regulatory Newsfeeds

-Upcoming changes to the regulatory landscape
-   Ministerial and Departmental statements, Standards, draft regulations, consultation papers, Codes of Practice and guidelines
-Coverage of relevant regulatory issues by key media outlets
-Regulator developments and activities
-Links to all primary sources of information

Choose the newsfeeds that suit you

-  Employment Workplace and Industrial Relations-  Gas
-  Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability -  Insurance
-  Governance, Risk & Compliance-  Legal Practice Governance
-  Occupational Health & Safety-  Litigation
-  Transportation-  Minerals & Petroleum
-  Building & Construction-  Property
-  Electricity-  Superannuation
-  Financial Services-  Water

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