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WHS Obligations Mapped To Your Daily Business Operations

Select from over 145 business process, mapped to compliance activities to help you build an OHS system for your business.

Over time your Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) obligations will change. Knowing what’s changed enables your organisation to respond to the new regulations and remain compliant.

SH&E Knowledgebase provides you with a database of mandatory obligations at your fingertips. You can run reports, receive email alerts on what’s changed and use checklists to draft policies and procedures. And then there’s the option of the workflow tool, so you can rate risk, create and delegate tasks, and closely manage and track compliance activities.

What you get with SH&E Knowledgebase

-Get daily updates on changes as they happen
-Customise your obligations by industry and jurisdiction
-Run reports on new, amended and repealed obligations
-Know what’s changed with weekly email reports
-Reference penalty information to help you assess risks
-Access 146 Guidelines to provide a framework for drafting policies and procedures
-Manage compliance - rate risk for your obligations, create and delegate tasks, and closely manage and track compliance activities

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