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Australian Business Excellence Framework

The Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) is an integrated leadership and management system that describes the elements essential to organisations sustaining high levels of performance. It can be used to assess and improve any aspect of an organisation, including leadership, strategy and planning, people, information and knowledge, safety, service delivery, product quality and bottom-line results. The ABEF provides organisations with assurance of their sustainable performance and is Australia’s preferred framework for leadership and governance.

The ABEF is proven to bring about powerful changes in organisational performance and culture. Organisations using the ABEF are able to develop business resilience and an integrated focus on sustainable performance. The ABEF is based on enduring Principles of Business Excellence that form the basis of a unified theory of management. The ABEF can be used to improve any part of your organisation and to deliver the following benefits:
  • Effective prioritisation of your improvement efforts to deliver maximum benefits
  • Process efficiency and effectiveness through reduced waste and variation
  • Empowered and motivated workforce with increased retention
  • Increased productivity and reduced operational costs
  • Focus on customer service delivering superior perception of value
  • Sustainable performance by increasing stakeholder value
Additionally, the ABEF provides an umbrella under which a number of business initiatives can be integrated to form one coherent, cohesive organisational systems model. Business initiatives that fit comfortably within the ABEF include: ISO 9001 series, Lean Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, Risk Management, Safety Management.
The ABEF is the only Australian model to be recognised internationally through the exclusive Global Excellence Models Council. Participation in the Council ensures that the ABEF reflects leading international best practice approaches to leadership drawing from other leading international models such as the EFQM Excellence Model (Europe), Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria (US) and the Singapore Quality Criteria.

Structure of the ABEF 

The underlying philosophy of the ABEF is expressed in nine Principles of Business Excellence, consistent application of which is fundamental to creating an environment for sustainable performance. The nine Principles of Business Excellence are considered to be governing laws that are to be used as a basis for predicting and reasoning.
The Principles of Business Excellence are interpreted according to individual business settings using seven Categories and 16 sub-categories, or Items. The broad Categories, and more specific Items, break down the complex structure of an organisation into tangible components that can be systematically monitored and improved. The Categories are:
  • Leadership
  • Customers and Stakeholders
  • Strategy and Planning
  • People
  • Information and Knowledge
  • Process Management, Improvement and Innovation
  • Results and Sustainable Performance

In delivering against these vital business elements in an integrated and coordinated way the ABEF drives tangible results for your business.

Put simply, the ABEF: 
  • Provides the foundation with which to develop your organisation’s focus on sustainable performance
  • Offers a solid structure for integrating all improvement initiatives and organisational decision-making 
  • Helps to achieve organisational goals and deliver increasing customer and stakeholder perception of value 
  • Provides a performance benchmarking program for your organisation

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